Dazzle: How to go from cloudy to a crystal-clear pool?

We understand, no one wants to swim in a giant bowl of milk!
First question that swimming pool owners have is, Why my pool turned cloudy? Well there can be a lot of underlying factors leading to a cloudy pool:

  • Imbalanced chemicals
  • Faulty filter
  • Environmental factors and debris (particles)

Below is a very efficient way to go from cloudy to crystal clear water:
Before you begin please ensure:

  • Your jets are pointed downwards at a 45 degree angle to circulate the pool properly
  • Your filters have been chemically cleaned recently and are in a good working order
  • Make sure you have established and are maintaining a chlorine level 1 ppm or above (are there sticks in the skimmer?)


A. Very Cloudy: Cannot see the bottom of the shallow end (sand filters only)

  1. Add ____ml of Clear Rebound across the pool surface and wait 8 hours.

B. Moderately to slightly Cloudy: Can see the bottom of the shallow end, but not the deep end

  1. Add ____ml of Nature Sheen around the pool edges. DO NOT overdose- doing so can lead to even cloudier water!
  2. Add ____ Clarifying Tablets into your skimmer basket (beside Smart Sticks). Clarifying tablets will dissolve within an hour and form an extra layer of fine filteration on top of your sand.
  3. Circulate (on ‘filter’ setting) for 48 hours. Backwash as usual. Repeat as required (no sooner than 48 hours). If the water is not clear after 3 treatments, bring a water sample into for a check up analysis.(The amount of chemicals that has to be added depends on the volume of your pool and the water chemistry)


  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Aqua-tech’s Water Care Team:
  • Clean your filter media with Filter Cleanse if problem exists
  • Keep the pool circulating on ‘Filter’ 24 hours per day for all of these procedures. It’s helpful to test the water daily and ALWAYS keep a chlorine level of at least 2 ppm or higher
  • Repeated cloudy water problems can be a sign of a bigger problem, perhaps with the circulation or filtration of your pool.


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