Concrete Swimming Pools in Manitoba

We often get asked about concrete swimming pools as opposed to steel and vinyl construction.

By far the most common backyard pool in Manitoba is a steel walled pool with a vinyl liner.

The reasons are simply lower cost and the ability of the vinyl pool to adapt to shifting clay soil.


pic a 1


 As you can see the vinyl pool pictured above is quite elaborate and most people they can’t tell the difference if it was vinyl or concrete.

Vinyl inground pools have come along way to looking like concrete.

Aqua-tech has been a Canadian leader in the pool industry to build vinyl pools that look like concrete pools.

Some of the advances include the concrete coping, pool benches and vinyl engineered stairs to eliminate the plastic staircase.

However there are still customers that want the real look of a concrete pool.

In order to have a well built concrete pool in Manitoba you need to make the pool “structural”…basically, take the soil conditions out of the picture.

This involves using a Manitoba engineer to draw up the plans, proper piles, void form and added cost.

Below is a picture of a project we are currently working on and in a future blog we can show you the finished project.

It doesn’t look like much now but wait till you see the final product when it’s complete this fall!


pic b 1 e1527101574426 pic b 2


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