Common Misconceptions About Salt Water Pools

Diving into your pool should feel like taking a dip in the ocean, if the ocean was on your property. With this in mind, it’s no wonder we’ve seen an increased interest in salt water pools over the last few years. Not only do these pools give you the feeling of relaxing on an oceanside holiday, but they do so while offering your nose and eyes a gentler experience.

As with any new product or option, there’s no doubt you’ll have some questions about salt water pools. In this post, we’re going to touch on some common misconceptions about salt water pools. After that, we’re going to introduce you to Pure and Simple, a product that can help you convert your standard pool to a mineral salts experience without needing to install an electronic chlorine generator (which was previously a salt water pool necessity).

Salt Water Pool Care & Maintenance

First and foremost, it’s important to know that salt water pools don’t require any extra care, just different care from a standard pool. A salt water pool, like a fresh water pool, is kept in proper shape through a finely tuned balance of chemistry, science, and cleaning. Keeping up with your weekly and daily maintenance activities, as well as regular monitoring of the chemical balance of the water, will help to ensure your salt water pool is in the best shape possible when you’re ready to swim!

Another common misconception about salt water pools is that they taste salty or feel harsh against the skin. This simply is not the case. As a matter of fact, many people say the water smells like standard pool water, but feels silkier and is more comfortable to swim in. This is because our bodies are naturally contain salt, so swimming in salt water leaves skin feeling soft and naturally refreshed.

Transform Your Pool With Pure And Simple

Wondering now how you can have one of your own? It’s never been easier! There was a time when expensive conversion equipment was required, but thanks to Pure and Simple from Backyard Brands, you can inexpensively transform your pool into a fantastic salt water experience in just five minutes a week.

The amazing technology behind Pure and Simple fundamentally changes the water chemistry of your swimming pool, resulting in a salt water experience that is unbelievably comfortable. Some of the other benefits associated with using Pure and Simple include:

  • Stunning water clarity
  • Fewer pH and water balance adjustments
  • Less risk of scaling
  • Increased capacity to resist the growth of algae

The Salt Water Pool Of Your Dreams, Just In Time For Summer!

Now that you know more about salt water pools, as well as how easy it is to transform your standard pool, there’s only one thing left to do—get your own! Contact us today to learn more about Pure and Simple, and get ready to enjoy an entirely new experience with your pool this season!


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