Clouds belong in the sky, not in your pool ☁️☁️

clear pool

Is your pool foggy or even downright cloudy?  Aqua-Tech and BioGuard have the tools to quickly clear up water.

Dull, hazy or cloudy pool water? The answer is CLEAR to us!

Our purpose is to keep your pool water clean and clear – ready for swimming whenever you feel the urge to jump in.

When you see cloudy water staring back at you, you only have one thing on your mind – how do I get rid of it?

 If the answer is CLEAR, it’s BioGuard!

Step 1: Smart Shock: add 1 bag for every 40, 000 litres of pool water

smart shock

BioGuard Smart Shock® (400gm Bags Only) (P/N: 2450)– Aqua-Tech

Step 2: Add Polysheen Blue to the pool water (follow package directions)


BioGuard Smart Shock® (400gm Bags Only) (P/N: 2450)– Aqua-Tech

Step 3: Filter for 48 hours and repeat as necessary


clear pool 2


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