How To Choose The Best Safety Cover For Your Pool

Why is a cover important?

Your pool will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family and friends, but it also comes with great responsibility. Other than the pool itself, the most important choice you will make is the type of cover that will go over it. Swimming pool covers are an important accessory that provide safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. Let’s explore how to choose.

Peace of Mind

An Aqua-Tech safety cover is the strongest way to prevent children and pets from getting into your pool when you can’t be there. Covers are custom built to fit your pool perfectly and manufactured from best in class materials. An Aqua-Tech safety cover provides peace of mind that your family is and and your pool investment is protected.

Innovation, the best covers

You will reap the benefits of crystal clear water in the spring as our safety cover is manufactured of a Premium high shade mesh , the material is designed to be light and tightly woven. The innovation allows the sun’s UV rays to not penetrate the surface eliminating the algae growth potential. Further any rain or snow melt is allowed to filter through the fine weave. How cool is that?

You want your backyard to look GREAT right?

Lets face it, 5-6 months of the year our pools are covered, but we still hang out in our yards. If you decide on or are currently using a water bag style of vinyl fitted cover, you know looking at the standing water on the cover while you are having an October BBQ is not the most appealing thing in the world to look at. With a safety cover the yard always looks crisp and clean.

Save $350 and maybe get yours for FREE

This August 2017,  for Winnipeg (+25 miles) pool owners, the first 25 purchases of safety covers will receive $350 off and 5 entries to a draw to get the cover absolutely free! Find out more by going to this link:

Why not treat yourself to a great look and enjoy the safety that comes


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