BioFilm Removal (Passive)

The destruction of this organic plumbing issue is a process that requires patience and persistence. Please work closely under the supervision of Aqua-Tech’s Water Analysis Lab. Remove and chemically clean your hot tub filter. Do the same with any bathing suits or toys that have been in the contaminated hot tub. Fill your spa to… Read More»

Tips for Pool Storage

Tips for Storing Unattractive Pool Equipment When it comes to swimming pool storage, don’t feel the need to box yourself in. Pool equipment is never attractive, so why not tuck the unattractive away into something charming? These pool storage tips and trends will help inspire you to turn your yard into an outdoor living room.… Read More»

The Importance of Alkalinity and pH

The Importance of Water Balance Water balance is comprised of several parameters; but pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness are the ones most often tested and adjusted, while total dissolved solids and temperature are also contributors. These components work together to create ‘balanced water’, which is neither corrosive nor scale-forming.Balanced water is important to many… Read More»

How to Clean A Vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl liner pools are popular among existing and prospective pool owners because of their features and the options they offer for customization. Thanks to long-lasting materials and innovative technology, vinyl liner pools can withstand sunlight, water and chemicals. This means a vinyl liner pool requires less maintenance and upkeep than a concrete pool. Here are… Read More»

Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends

At Aqua-Tech we have bathroom specialists who will help you to design your dream bathroom. From tiling to accent pieces, to colours, we do our best to stay up to date on the new styles that are emerging. Here is a list of the Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends that our specialists are noticing: 1.… Read More»

How to Winterize Your Hot Tub – Dazzle

The number one question we are asked is how to winterize a hot tub. To start, please know that the most damage that occurs to hot tub spas is caused by improper winterization. Also please note that the damage done due to freezing is very costly to repair. BE VERY CAREFUL if you choose to… Read More»

Top 3 Bathroom Design Trends

At Aqua-Tech we do our best to stay up to date with the latest bathroom trends. We renovate and install new bathrooms through our highly trained Installers. We asked our bathroom specialists what the top three bathroom design trends are that they are seeing, and they replied with these three: 1. Black is the New… Read More»