Best Seasons for Hot Tubs

Winnipeg has always had both extremities in temperature. Warm weather is always nice, but with the warm weather we also get the complete opposite, cold frigid air, otherwise known as winter. With it being summer it’s the best time to start thinking about getting a hot tub. Now I know, a lot of people don’t even want to talk about winter right now because it’s months away. I get that, but it’s also good to prepare for the upcoming months.

It’s the best time to get a hot tub now because there are sales going on everywhere. Hot tubs still have to be installed on stable ground and fitted properly among many other things. And it takes a little while for the water to be put in and heated up to the point where it’s usable in cold temperatures, not to mention having to put the chemicals in. If you want a hot tub, the best time to get one is during the summer because then it can be installed easily, and it’ll be ready and up for winter. The only need during winter would be to exchange water out every so often and to put the chemicals in it, and that’s about it.

Hot tubs are nice for the summer, but when the weather is too hot to even consider using it (given that you haven’t converted it in to a cool tub) then all you want to do is relax in the sun. Hot tubs are way better in the cooler months, Spring, Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons for hot tubs.

I mean who wouldn’t want to sit outside when it’s -30­° in a nice warm hot tub looking up at the stars and relaxing after a long days work? The cold weather and the long day at work just make you appreciate the relaxation that a hot tub incurs. All your worries seem to drown away, and you enter a state of bliss where nothing matters. Jeez… now I’m kind of wishing for cold weather just so I can enter a hot tub.


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