Beautiful bathroom renovations in Winnipeg!

We specialize in transforming backyards and bathrooms. Often when people look at our gallery of work they say incredulously,  “that’s in Winnipeg?”Check out these local amazing bathrooms all designed and installed by Aqua-tech’s in-house experts…

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This St Vital bathroom reno incorporated a custom shower base we built with membrane under tile.Notice the shower arm allows for a rain shower head for the ultimate in a shower experience.Our designer worked with the homeowner to mix contemporary grey and white……awesome finished product!










Same house different bathroom so similar design style and colours. The first image was the ensuite and this is the main bath.








Another St. Vital project but this time the main bath was turned into a steam shower.The shower doors have to be custom built to contain the steam. Perfect relaxation retreat for the homeowners!

Lindenwoods is a busy area for us as most homes are of the age to be  due for a bathroom renovation. This large ensuite also has a steam shower.It also features a stand alone tub and double sinks.








River Heights can be challenging to renovate due to the age of the homes.You will want experienced tradespeople involved.This unique second story bath retreat took over a month to complete but the finished look is breathtaking.








We like to say we “create better places to come home to” This Tuxedo renovation left the homeowner with a bathroom you would enjoy to come home to or to start your day!



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