Bathroom renovation in Winnipeg? When is the best time of year

I have always thought that you do something when it needs to be done. With a bathroom renovation,  if the tub is leaking or the shower won’t work that may push the fast forward button, but ultimately things like budgets and availability seem to be the trump card. Read along to get inside the bathroom renovators head.

Is there a better season for a bathroom renovation?

In Winnipeg, a bathroom renovation is a heck of a lot simpler than building a road in -25C weather. Don’t worry that climate has any impact about quality of the work. A professional team already is set up to do things like cutting tiles off site or outdoors to keep the impact off of your residence. The fact is the process of installation doesn’t change whether it is -10 or plus 30.

What about busy seasons?

In almost all cases we have events that go on in our homes that are non negotiables. A wedding in July, the in-laws visiting in March or the whole family in at Christmas. A professional in bathroom renovations is able to identify the job into block of time. Each block will represent an exact amount of days that need to be allocated to complete the renovation. The most important thing about seasons is really just your family schedule, pick the end date that you require and share that with your bathoom renovator. If they can’t tell you when they will be done you are not aligned with the right people.


Make sure you ask about what the bathroom renovation process is from your contractor. Do they have a contingency plan if tradesman are sick? Is the operation a one man band or is there a support team? Is the person doing the work ordering the product or is there a team to follow up on where the product is and when will it arrive? Picking the right time of the year and then missing the mark defeats everything. Ensure you are calling some recent referrals of the bathroom renovation team to see how they have done lately. As much as a referral on a brochure may be nice from 5 years ago personal changes and it is important to to always get current validation of how your company keeps their schedule.

Keeping life easy

At the end of the day you have enough to worry about. Select a bathroom renovation team that has your comfort before, during and after the job as their main focus.






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