Bathroom remodelling, our favorite ideas. Love your bathroom today

Playing favorites, we were told not to as we grew up. With bathroom renovations and bathroom remodelling we have run into some projects that we just like better. Perhaps it is personal preference or just things work out better than we envision, but perfection is fun to keep talking about.

Bathroom remodelling: Unique designs…

Part of our passion in the industry of bathroom remodelling and renovation comes from our extreme pleasure of taking a small simple space and looking at it like art. We love looking at each project as being unique and individual. That is why attention to very small details are where unique begin. Just like a perfect meal often is more about the garnish and presentation or at least our pleasure in the meal, a unique bathroom remodelling project needs to focus on the small details. Our favorites are the projects that have all of the little details included. The more unique the higher they get in our show off posts.bathroom renovation

Bathroom remodelling: Trends

I wouldn’t say that what is the trendiest is always our favorite but trends  can be exciting especially when you are on the crest of the wave. Bathroom remodelling and renovations with an edge always get a second look. Some of our favorites always seem to include folks that wanted to be first or in that early adopter group who choose something that others were a little too timid to. Brave and bold with choices rank among some of our favorites here at the design desk.

Bathroom remodelling: Latest projects

Like we mentioned not everyone wants to be first. One of our strengths and a quality of a great designer and  craftsmen are helping homeowners bridge the gap from what their comfort level is and what they really want to try. Every time we get a time at bat, aka: an opportunity to help design and create is usually the most fun and subsequently our latest projects are usually our favorite.bathroom renovation




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