Average cost of a bathroom renovation?

We want to know don’t we? We get these notions in our head about purchasing something or fixing up the homestead and then all of a sudden it hits us, we have to pay for this don’t we? Lets crack the nut a bit looking at the investment and what will be the average cost of a bathroom renovation.

What’s average?

Although we dislike it when we pull the “it depends” card, it really does.  To get though a little closer to the numbers lets think about it like small, medium or large. It is usually fair to assume we all have an idea what level of project we are thinking about. Let’s look at three tiers of average cost of a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation: Small

If we consider an available space of around 40 square feet we could put that into this category. Pull out your tape measure and see how your floor math works out. Remember you will need to consider that a crew will likely be stripping that room back to the bare walls and pulling to floors right down to the wood. You will be considering adding a freestanding tub or shower of some sort with fixtures to style it together. When you pull the trigger even with a smaller project most folks find they desire something other than basic, so an upgrade to something like Nuheat Floor heating is always a favorite with a ceramic tile installation. In Winnipeg you will find that the average cost of a bathroom renovation in this category is usually in the $23-$25,000 range.

Bathroom renovation: Medium

When you double the space moving into the 80 square foot available area your options really open up. Many times creating new allocations of space with pulling part of a room back to allow for an ensuite or more practical space allows you to take your bathroom renovation to new heights. A degree of customization will come into play and opposed to just pulling back to bare walls, more often than not some doors, windows or walls are being brought into the design. This category may even include some custom glass work, increased lighting along with linen towers. When you move into customization in this category the cost of a bathroom renovation will move into the $25K-$40,000 range.

Bathroom renovation: Large

Go big or go home your style? Well there is one in every crowd right? Seriously, sometimes we have an idea in our mind to really create that space and do it right. Moving up into 150 square feet allows for discussion of things like free standing tubs or unique custom designed showers. It is not uncommon to budget $60,000 and higher for the average cost of a bathroom renovation in the Diamond edition in Winnipeg.

How to take next steps?

Taking a dimensional drawing to your bathroom renovation professional is always good place to start. Look at as many galleries as you can to start you on your journey. Connect with us anytime if you would to calculate your costs specifically.











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