Automatic pool cover top maintenance tips

Sadly when we hear and use the word automatic we at times think or default ourselves to thinking that no maintenance is required. With a premium feature such as an automatic pool cover, neglecting essential maintenance can cause thousands of dollars of damage. These tips will outline 1 of the main things you must look out for over the season of usage.

Removing standing water

The fact of the matter is that water should never be on the top of an automatic pool cover. The cover is engineered to float on the pool water at normal operating level with no additional weight on it. Once weight bearing occurs on the top side of the cover the fabric is pulled and along with that stress creates tension on the extremities of the fabric causing ruptures. Once the fabric becomes compromised it is not possible for it to run smoothly through the tracking. A cover will eventually get to the point where it binds and fails causing tears in the fabric and or rope system.

automatic pool cover

Cover Pumps

The safest thing to do is to leave your pool cover pump on the cover at ALL times when your pool is not in use. You just never know when a heavy thundershower will occur. This picture below is how your cover should look at all times. Remember that proper operation of your automatic pool cover includes NEVER operating the cover if there is water on the cover. This WILL damage the unit. If you are ever in doubt as to if you can safely operate the cover contact the Aqua-Tech service department for guidance.

pool cover pump

After a heavy rain or long periods between usage

At times after heavy rains the automatic pool cover will have water pooled and hidden just behind the leading edge of the cover. Unless you look directly by the pit you will not see the water. If water is captured in the front of the automatic pool cover and you try to operate the cover, it will fail. This is part of regular maintenance that must be followed. Once you force the cover to open with the extra weight the cover will not pull through the tracks squarely causing stress on the fabric and ultimately tearing the fabric and causing the ropes to break.

Automatic pool covers as winter covers

In Manitoba we just get too much snow to allow the cover to safely get through the winter months without significant damage. It is best to use the automatic pool cover during the swimming season only. Covering the pool with a safety cover for the winter is the best option to protect your pool. Don’t forget that additionally your automatic pool cover requires annual maintenance, this includes greasing of the lubrication points, adjustment of all tensions, cleaning of the wear points as well as replacement of damaged components. As always  contact us today to learn more.


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