Aqua-Tech’s Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Living

You may recall having to phone separate companies to provide a different service to you, all for the same project.  Those days are over!  Aqua-Tech will provide you with everything you are looking for when it comes to outdoor living.  Some examples of Aqua-tech’s services are:

  • installing paver stones for patio’s
  • building wooden decks
  • building Swimming Pools
  • installing Hot Tubs
  • custom outdoor kitchens
  • patio furniture
  • fire pit tables to adding landscaping

All of this will only take one call!

The Advantage

Aqua-Tech can complete the job from beginning to end, ensuring it is done with quality and reflects your design ideas and wishes.
One of the biggest advantages to hiring Aqua-Tech to complete your back yard paradise besides quality of workmanship is: you are only dealing with one company, who will incorporate and execute details of your ideas into your yard. This makes it very simple as you only have to explain your ideas once.  This way you avoid having to deal with numerous contractors and eliminate your ideas getting overlooked or missed totally. Having Aqua-Tech help design & build your entire backyard project is a huge plus by making it easier for you, the client and also incorporating all the various ideas together so construction runs smoothly.

Step 1

The first step would be to meet with an Aqua-Tech representative who will come to your yard on a site visit to take measurements and then discuss all of your ideas. The homeowner and our Aqua-Tech rep work together to incorporate their wish list and discuss all of the options available. Discussion during the site visit would also include proper elevation levels and various ground surfaces which all have to flow properly from zone to zone. Aqua-Tech can provide or build every needed component from Patio furniture, Pool to landscaping and fencing. If you have ideas for your backyard, Aqua-Tech can provide the experience and knowledge to build it. Even if you don’t fully know what you want to do,  Aqua-Tech can provide you ideas and examples of what it could function and look like.

Step 2

Once the Aqua-Tech Rep has been to the home, an appointment will be made to meet in the showroom to pick colours, textures and see the final design drawing for the yard. Our Aqua-Tech Rep will present 3D pictures of what your yard will look like completed with the various product choices. The client can see the different textures & colours in the 3D drawings along with exact dimensions and heights. Changes can also be made at this stage and the client gets to see the result immediately in the 3D program. Before the project starts, the client is able to view what the entire project will look like once completed.
Want a stress free back yard makeover?  Talk to an Aqua-Tech representative with your ideas and watch the magic start to unfold before you. Avoid the hassle of using various companies to complete your entire project and hire the best – Aqua-Tech!


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