Aqua-Tech’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

There’s much more to pool maintenance than a cute guy with a net and an impressive pick up line – or nice abs. Ensuring you stay on top of your pool maintenance is important for many different reasons. Firstly, it improves the life of all the components of the pool and secondly, it keeps a significant amount of dollars in your pocket. Read more for some important tips from the Aqua-Tech Maintenance Team on how to maintain a clean, clear, and well balanced pool.

Skim floating debris and clean out baskets daily

Manually skimming as much floating debris as possible puts less stress on your equipment and allows it to operate to its fullest potential. If your skimmer basket gets filled and clogged up, it can not only cause issues with your skimmer, but it can cause issues with the complete pool system. It is important to check on this daily to prevent issues and keep your pool equipment in tip top shape.

Vacuum the pool and brush the walls

Whether you use a manual vacuum or automatic pool cleaner, it is important to vacuum and brush your pool on a regular basis to prevent the layer of slime that will build up on your liner. Not only will this prolong the life of your liner but it will also assist in keeping your pool clean and clear.

Clean your filters

By this, we don’t just mean a simple rinse or backwash – we mean really clean those bad boys! You should deep cleanse, chemically clean your filters at least once a season as well as after any pool problem, such as algae. This will get rid of all the built up dirt and oils that a simple rinse cannot. For more tips on how to chemically clean your filters, (click here).

Check and maintain proper water level

Proper operating water level is typically ¾ up the skimmer. By ensuring your water level is always at this level, your pool will be able to operate to its greatest potential. If your pool is below this level, it can cause issues with many different components and can even cause your pump to burn itself out.

Keep your water well balanced

Water care is a key component to great pool maintenance. You should test your pH and chlorine levels weekly and adjust as required. You should bring in at least one water sample a month to ensure your levels are in the correct ranges. If you do not have a weekly care routine, (click here) to view our products exclusive to Aqua-Tech!

Find and repair leaks as soon as they appear

If you notice your pool is losing a significant amount of water (not related to evaporation), measure your water levels for 48 hours and report your concerns to our service department immediately! We will address your concerns and provide you with the next best steps in repairing the leak. For more information on our 48 hour, leaking pool homework, click here.

Open your pool for the swimming season

When your pool is stagnant in high temperatures for a long time, there is a great possibility that it will turn green. Ensuring the pool has proper circulation over the summer months will not only protect your pool from going swampy but will save you some big bucks in the long run!

Swim… swim… swim…

This is the most important step! Make sure to follow the steps above so you and your family can enjoy the warm summer months in the pool while they last! Keep in mind, the more swimmers in the pool, the better circulation!

So maybe you don’t have impressive abs but by following the 8 tips above, you are guaranteed to have a clean, clear, and well balanced pool – that’s even more impressive! You might even save yourself some extra cash so you can get yourself a gym membership and achieve that pool boy status you’ve been dreaming of!


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