A Clean Pool is the Beginning. What Comes Next is Everything.

To Mom.
We love you.

This year, Mother’s Day may be different, but we can still show mom our love. Here are some fun poolside ideas to show mom your appreciation and stay connected.

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Pamper Her with an Outdoor Spa Treatment

Set-up a cozy poolside nook and treat her to a spa treatment. Make a homemade sugar scrub, pick out her favorite nail polish and prepare her a refreshing drink. Can’t be with mom? Schedule a virtual mani-pedi date.

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Cook for Her

Grill up mom a special dinner like healthy Herb Grilled Chicken or Spicy Grilled Mahi-Mahi Burgers. String up some holiday lights and enjoy an evening poolside. Or, share the recipe with mom and have a virtual cooking night together.

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Play a Game

Create memories for mom that will last a lifetime. Set-up games like swim relays, pool volleyball or pool float races. Spark friendly family competition by awarding simple prizes like ‘pick your favorite meal night’ and ‘no chore day.’

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