New and Exciting 2017 Manitoba Backyard Pools!

New and Exciting 2017 Manitoba Backyard Pools!

It’s that time of year again to show you some cool ideas from our real pool installations.

Headingley Paradise  pic a 1 of 3 aug 29 2017pic a 3 of 3 aug 29 2017pic a 2 of 3 aug 29 2017

This backyard exudes contemporary …notice the new Barkman style wall.The pool has a wraparound bench for socializing in large groups.The grass between the concrete slabs is actual imitation turf…great look!

Bridge Water Forest Retreatpic b aug 29 2017

For all you Blue Jay fans you gotta love this one! There is an automatic pool cover for the little guy that lives here to keep safe.

Beausejour goes to Hawaii pic c 1 of 3 aug 29 2017pic c 2 of 3 aug 29 2017pic c 3 of 3 aug 29 2017

Aqua-tech did the glass tile edge for the infinity look and the customer provided the palm trees! The pool has a beach entry meaning the water starts out at 4” deep for easy entry and more places to relax.

Teulon Resort pic d aug 29 2017

Aqua-tech did the complete pool. Waterfalls and landscaping…yes, we can do it all! Aqua-tech’s team of designers and installers are all in-house staff so the work is coordinated under one roof.  We love what we do and would love to design and build your personal resort!


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