Transform your backyard to a swimming pool paradise!

Transform your backyard to a swimming pool paradise!

Investing in a backyard pool will create years of family fun and memories. Watching the transformation of your backyard over the installation period is very exciting. Aqua-tech’s installation crews take great pride in delivering your dream backyard.

I’m going to show a couple examples we are presently working on. The first stage is the unfinished look , then the nearly complete look and finally in a future blog once we’ve completed the landscaping. That’s right, we do it all……the pool, the hardscape and landscaping so all the details are covered!

Sage Creek Family Pool…the yard before…pic a june 20 2017


This is the present state of the site…pic b june 20 2017


Beausejour, Manitoba…at the beginning…pic c june 20 2017 e1498153553345


Presently…pic d june 20 2017 e1498153609718


In a future blog we will show you the final pictures…ready for Family Fun!


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