6 keys to Spa Care

EVERYONE in Winnipeg should have a hot tub.  Our weather is perfect for it.  We all work hard and play harder.  We all deserve that happy place, just outside our backdoor where we can accomplish our goals for the day… recharging from a tough day, reconnecting with family and friends or just looking at the stars and thinking of our place among them.  Whatever your goals are, a spa is a great place to accomplish them and here are the 6 keys you need to know about hot tub care.

Key 1 – Hot Tub Circulation:

This is the force and velocity of aerated water that keeps water moving so the filter can remove debris.  It also ensures that the chemicals are distributed evenly. Hot tub circulation will allow for the filter to remove particles, as well as allowing the heater to do its job.

Key 2 – Hot Tub Filtration:

It is essential to have good filtration in a spa to trap unwanted particles. Having a clean filter improves that water quality. Cartridge filters are the most common choice for a spa because of its increase in filterable debris. It is recommended that the filter be cleaned at least every drain and refill (or every 6 to 8 weeks).  Click here for more info on HOW to clean your spa filter.

hot tub filter cleaning
hot tub filter cleaning


Key 3 – Spa Water Care Products:

The spa environment encourages bacteria and algae growth. Spa owners need to follow a weekly maintenance routine to keep the water clear and safe.  There are as many water care programs as there are spas.  Work with your chosen hot water care professional.  There are also lots of resources on this web site.

Key 4 – Hot Tub Water Testing:

The spa water balance will change drastically compared to a pool because of its size. Increased water temperature is an important factor, as well as a large bather load in such a small body of water. This will cause problems for spa owners if the water is not balanced correctly.

Key 5 – Spa Cleaning:

Removal of obvious debris and body oils on a weekly basis is very important for the spa environment. Using an oxidizer and skimming or vacuuming regularly will keep the spa safe and sparkling.

Key 6 – Spa Draining and Refilling:

The water will eventually reach the point where it gets “worn out.” When the water looks bad, smells bad, and feels bad it’s time for a drain and refill. Draining the spa can be determined by the number of daily bathers, as well as the total dissolved solids in the water.  As a rule of thumb, most hot tub owners should drain and refill their spas every 6 to 8 weeks but every 3 months at most.


The real key to hot tub care is to find a professional partner to work with you on how to make the most of this lifestyle changing investment.


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