5 Need To Knows When Buying A Hot Tub!

1. Location & Privacy

We all need some time to reduce the stress in our lives and what better way than having an outdoor private soak in your own backyard! There’s something about the privacy of your own residence and hot water mixed with looking up at the stars that just works. To make this dream a reality you should consider getting some free advice from a professional spa store that offers complete installation, service and water care help.

This way you will get the right spa in the right place and have less maintenance concerns



2. Think Long Term Investment

Like almost every asset you purchase there is a large range in pricing in the market place. If you hope to be soaking in your hot tub 3 years after your purchase with little concern for the quality of your purchase then you need to make a wise initial decision. Hot tubs range from $5,000 to $20,000 and the finer quality spas last upwards of 20 years.

You can save money over the long term by choosing a good brand name hot tub. Check with friends that have hot tubs over 5 years old and do on line research as well.


3. Think Social

The hot tub will become part of your life that adds a positive social effect. It becomes a private retreat for you and your significant others to talk without distractions of TV’s and smart phones. When you shop for the hot tub be sure to sit in the dry models in the showroom. You want to be sure the foot space, back contouring etc. suits you and your family. If time permits also consider a private test soak which most professional spa stores will offer. If you can choose the right spa to begin with you can avoid trading up later.



4. Hot Tubs Require Maintenance 

Since a quality spa will be part of your routine for perhaps the next 20 years you should choose a spa store that will provide ongoing water help and service. It’s not just the spa your choosing but the company service and culture as well.

Some spa stores will even offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee whereby you can get a refund or different spa if you feel your initial decision was not the correct one.


5. Not Just A Hot Tub But Also Landscaping

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A hot tub should add to your property value and not detract from it. You want to be impressed with how your hot tub blends in with the back yard in terms of appearance and function. Some spa stores offer professional 3D design help. A good initial design is critical in any backyard planning….let the pros give you some free advice.



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