5 Fun Pool Facts

Summer is here, and that means it is time to use your pool! Stop stressing about your water chemistry, maintenance, and pool chemicals… pools are fun! Besides being fantastically refreshing, beneficial to your health, and fun, there are many cool things about pools that very few people know. Here are just five fun pool facts that will definitely make you want to jump into your pool right now! CANNONBALL!!!

Olympic Size

An Olympic sized swimming pool holds between 2,800,000 liters and 3,000,000 liters! That is nearly 50 times larger than the average 60,000 liters backyard swimming pool! Can you imagine the amount of pool chemicals you would need in that pool?


Did Someone Say Cardio?

When swimming, almost all of your muscles are being used. That makes swimming better muscle exercise than biking, running, or any gym exercise machines. Furthermore, swimming is also a fantastic low-impact form of cardio that is fantastic for therapy or rehabilitation.


Ancient Pools

The earliest depiction of swimming pools was found in ancient drawings in Egypt. These drawings are believed to have been drawn in 2500 BCE (over 4500 years ago)! That means that the idea of the swimming pool has existed longer than many much more basic inventions and ideas including toilet paper, negative numbers, coins and swords.


Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

The first cruise ship to have a swimming pool was the Titanic. Ironically, the Titanic is not most famous for its earth-shattering technological advances which permitted it to have a swimming pool on board. Instead, it is most famous for hitting an iceberg and sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912 (and the epic 1997 movie, of course).


Be Sure to Throw in Some Extra Pool Chemicals After This One…

Ok – maybe this one isn’t that fun… did you know that nearly 20% of people have admitted to peeing in a pool on a regular basis? Although it is something we consider “gross”, it is not uncommon. In fact, many competitive swimmers admit that at some time during their swimming careers they have had to “go” (both number one and two) in the pool because they were in the middle of a race and had no choice – GROSS! Good thing we all use chlorine or bromine to sanitize our pools! If this ever happens to you, stop by Aqua-Tech and we have the emergency pool chemicals for you. Click here to purchase some “Who Peed in My Pool” today.


Evidently, there are plenty of cool things about pools that aren’t well known! One thing we know for sure is that you should all be enjoying your pool soon (and hopefully the weather will cooperate)!

Happy Swimming!


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