Steps to Take for a Hot Tub Drain and Fresh Fill Using the Mineraluxe system

Saturation Index is an overall measure of water balance. The acceptable range is -.5 to +.5. Outside this range can lead to corrosion or scale-formation. Follow the detailed instructions below for a hot tub drain and refill to correct any individual water balance issues and/or resolve other hot tub water problems. Be sure to read product label directions carefully before using any recommended product.

Step 1: Clean your filter

It is recommended to deep cleanse your filter cartridge with Mineraluxe FILTER REVIVE. Prepare a solution of Filter Revive in hot water and soak your cartridge for 6 – 12 hours. Rinse well with water following soaking. If possible, allow to dry before putting back in use.

hot tub filter cleaning
hot tub filter cleaning

Step 2: Clean hot tub plumbing

With your filter removed, apply Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain in the existing hot tub water 24 – 48 hours before draining.  Add 750ml of product to hot tub.  Leave the high speed jets on for approximately 5 minutes, with aeration off, 2 – 3 times during the 24 – 48 hour period.  Allow tub to run though its regular circulation cycles. Drain tub.  Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain cleans where you can’t.

Note: Foaming is a result of the product deep cleaning built up scum within your plumbing, this is normal.

hot tub drain and refill service

Step 3: Add 2 Mineraluxe CUBE(S) initially

To prevent staining, scale and biofilm formation from damaging your hot tub and for the most luxurious feeling water, use Mineraluxe CUBE at the recommended dosage rate with each fresh fill. Add the recommended number of Cubes directly to the skimmer basket or place in an area where this is rapid water movement and as close to a suction inlet to the filter as possible. Always apply with the high speed pump in operation. If all the Cube components do not dissolve initially, move any undissolved components of the Cube into an area of high suction so they will be carried to the filter. Use Mineraluxe CUBE on a weekly basis thereafter for continued protection.

Step 4: Add 1 pouch(es) of Mineraluxe OXYGEN

Mineraluxe OXYGEN can be added immediately after the application of Mineraluxe Cubes to the hot tub water. Leave the high speed jets on for approximately 15 minutes to thoroughly disperse the Oxygen throughout the tub. Leave the cover off for minimum 15 minutes following application for best results.

Step 5: Balance Water

Bring in a hot tub water sample to Aqua-Tech’s amazing water lab. In less than an hour, Aqua-Tech’s skilled water care experts can guide you and help you understand exactly what your water test indicates. We’ll also offer a thorough consultation to help you avoid future water problems. Finally, we’ll provide you with an easy to follow and straightforward set of instructions to get and keep your water crystal clear and balanced.

programmed approach

Step 6: Use Mineraluxe BROMINE TABLETS

Begin your sanitation program by applying slow-dissolving Mineraluxe BROMINE TABLETS to a floater or other bromine dispensing device. Set the output of the floater or device to maintain 3 – 5 ppm of bromine in the water at all times for maximum protection of bathers. Use Test Strips or another valid testing method to ensure the bromine level and pH (7.4 – 7.6) are within desired ranges. The Mineraluxe System has the ability to significantly reduce the amount of bromine required to maintain 3 – 5 ppm. Therefore, it is recommended that the hot tub water be tested frequently, especially for the first few weeks, so you can accurately determine the number of tablets required to maintain your water within the desired range.

pool care checking
pool maintenance checks


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