7 Hacks and Pool Supplies to Keep Your Pool Clean and Clear All Summer

Let’s be honest, we humans are lazy. No matter the situation, we are always looking for what is quickest, easiest and most beneficial! Just like when we were little children playing video games such as Pong or Mario Karts, we always wanted to find the “hacks” or “cheats” to make the game easier, and wow our friends with amazing scores! In fact, you can easily “hack” your pool and make your pool maintenance quick and easy with the proper information and pool supplies! Here are seven hacks to maintaining your pool throughout the summer!


If four repetitions were not enough, need we say more? The importance of having a properly sanitized pool cannot be over-emphasized. By keeping your chlorine or bromine levels within 1-3 ppm, you are ensuring that you and your family have a clean pool, free of wastes, bacteria and algae! Also, you are helping to prevent future problems including algae growth and cloudy water.

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Do your weekly pool maintenance routine EVERY WEEK!

We know that some people think they can occasionally “skip” a week in their weekly maintenance routine. In fact, this often causes considerable damage to your water chemistry as you are risking having low chlorine or bromine levels and build-up of organic matter in your pool. These problems in turn may lead to algae growth, less comfortable water for you and your family, as well as chlorine demands! You can easily prevent many of these problems just by following your weekly pool maintenance schedule! If you need a little bit of help with weekly maintenance, leave it up to us! Click here for more information about our weekly maintenance packages.


Clean your filters!

Whether you have a sand or a cartridge filter, both can become considerably dirty with organic matter and other contaminants building up inside. You can easily clean your filters, help keep your pool clean, and increase the longevity of the chlorine sticks or pucks in your pool by simply cleaning your filters whenever there is considerable load put upon them. On a side note, make sure that your circulation jets (or eyeballs) are always pointed down at a 45 degree angle to maximize water circulation and prevent your water from being stagnant!

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Try new products and pool supplies!

We are always getting new products and pool supplies in which may help to enhance your pool experience, save you time, and save you money! In fact, there are many new products which work alongside your weekly maintenance chemicals to act as safeguards to prevent staining, chemical loss, heat loss and water loss. Products like Pool Complete and Smart Shield are only two of the many new products that we have which may help to make your pool experience more enjoyable and less work!


If your pool is cloudy (and your water is perfectly balanced), use Polysheen Blue or Nature Sheen

Both Polysheen Blue and Nature Sheen are fantastic pool supplies that catch unfilterable micro-wastes that your filter would be unable to catch otherwise. These unfilterable micro-wastes are often responsible for the “cloudy” or “milky” looking colour many people experience during a pool season. By regularly using either product, you can help further the life of your filter (by letting Polysheen Blue or Nature Sheen act as a filter aid) and prevent cloudy water and the frustration that often follows when trying to clear up a cloudy pool!

If you are ever not sure what to do chemically, call us, e-mail us, carrier pigeon us, etc.

Before you go and add a bit of all of the chemicals you have stored in your shed from last year, or if you have a “problem”, shoot us an e-mail or phone call and we will always be there to help you through whatever your water situation is. Don’t add whatever chemical feels right, instead talk to the experts so that we can work together to make your pool the best it can be!

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Bring in a water sample to Aqua-Tech every two weeks for a water test!

We truly are the water experts, no matter how “pro” and comfortable you feel with your water care, we always recommend that you drop by and let us take a look at your water (it will only take about 5 minutes). We can then prescribe the perfect remedy to perfectly balance your water, fix any problems that you may have, make both you and your water look and feel fantastic, and hook you up with only the best pool supplies!

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Follow these 7 pool hacks to keep your pool clean and clear all summer long! Happy Swimming!


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