5 Ways to Have Naturally Pool Proof Skin

Is your skin a bit sensitive to harsh pool chemicals but you love swimming in your pool? Don’t worry! We’ve got 5 natural ways to “pool proof” your skin while swimming in the pool! 

Tip #1: Get yourself wet before going into the pool and afterwards

Did you know that getting your hair and skin wet can reduce the amount of pool chemicals that can attach to your hair and skin?

Tip #2: Hair protection

It doesn’t matter if you have long luscious hair or a simple, cute, pixie cut… nobody likes the feeling of lots of chlorine in their hair. By just spraying your hair with a conditioner mix, your hair will get its extra layer of protection from that icky chlorine feeling.

Tip #3: Skin protection

Happens to the best of us. You come out of the pool and your skin is just a little itchier than usual. Don’t dump in more pool chemicals than needed… simply use Goodbye Dry! Goodbye Dry is an amazing innovation to moisturize YOU, the swimming and not just soften your water. Goodbye Dry, HELLO softer feeling water. Goodbye Dry, HELLO tangle-free hair. Goodbye Dry, HELLO itch-free skin. All while your swim and AFTER you leave the pool. Click here to treat yourself with some Goodbye Dry… YOU and your skin deserve it!


Tip #4: Swim cap and goggles

To even further protect your hair and eyes from chlorine, try using a swim cap and goggles! We promise they’re not just for the professionals!

Tip #5: After pool hair treatment

Try using vitamin C solution on your hair after you go for a swim. Vitamin C solution naturally neutralizes chlorine and will keep your hair soft and beautiful!

We all love a good swim on a hot day but we also love smooth skin and fresh hair! Follow the 5 natural tips of ways to “pool proof” your skin and you’ll get the best of both worlds!

Happy swimming!


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