What You Will Need For The Perfect Outdoor Bar

Why are certain commercial outdoor bars more popular than others? It’s all about who creates the best environment that makes you want to spend time there. There are 7 top features your outdoor bar should have to create an inviting atmosphere.

1. Fire!

With the advent of convenient natural gas or propane fire pits the fire table is a great draw. It takes the chill off those cool evenings and there is something mesmerizing about fire. The flicker of the flames is so soothing….get me another glass of wine!

2. Comfortable Seating

If you invest in higher quality furniture you will feel the benefits. Stools at your outdoor bar that are stable and can swivel will be so much better than the cheap version. My outdoor stools are ten years old and look almost the same as new……my cost per year is less than the throw away version.

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3. Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete counter tops are great for outdoor bars. You can customize the shape of them and they’re easy to look after.


4. Outdoor Fridge

Keep the cool ones handy…no more explanation required.


5. Cutting boards, waste disposal and side burners.

Very practical items to keep you from running back and forth in the house.


6. Beer Keg Dispenser

….Why not?!


7. Foot Rests

These come in handy for when you’re standing for a length of time.


Come see Aqua-tech’s great displays of these features at our Lagimodiere showroom! Contact us today for your personal tour with one of our award winning designers.


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