4 Ways to Spend Less on Pool Chemicals

Everything is getting more and more expensive as time ticks on. Here are some ways to save a few dollars on pool chemicals during your pool season.

Take Advantage of Our Annual Online Sale

Shop when we have our online spring sale. You can purchase all of your pool chemicals at the beginning of the season and save 20%. If you are all about the savings, like us on Facebook at @aquatechwpg and come in store to get 20% off your next purchase, whether it be pool parts, pool chemicals, spa chemicals, accessories, etc. Think about how much money that will save you this pool season!


Get a Solar Cover

Purchase a solar cover so that your pool chemicals do not evaporate out of your pool – such as your chlorine. If there is not enough chlorine in your pool, your pool could turn cloudy or green and nobody likes a green or cloudy pool. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of putting on and taking off your solar cover, we sell a liquid solar cover just for you. This liquid solar cover is called Smart Shield and protects your pool from heat loss, evaporation and allows for quicker access to your pool on those hot summer days. How the chemical works is, it is like enzymes that bind together like magnets, once someone jumps in or pulls apart those magnets, until the water is still and the enzymes can bind together again.


Clean Your Filters When Needed

Check your filter regularly. We cannot say this enough … if your filter is clogged the organic material will fall into your pool, not be circulated through and start to decompose. If you have decomposing organic material in your pool, this will not only make your pool look unpleasing to the eye but is also food for algae and may cause your pool to turn green. When your pool turns green it may take a lot of money to clear, if you make sure that your pools filtration is working at this optimal level, this will not be a problem and you will be able to save money and time trying to clear your pool!

cartridge pol filter cleaning

Get on a Weekly Maintenance Program

Follow weekly maintenance. If you follow one of your 3 step programs, your pool experience will be a breeze. You will not only spend less on pool chemicals but will also get to enjoy your pool more. Our motto is, spend less, work less, enjoy more!

family swim
Young Family Relaxing In Swimming Pool

Even with following these 4 steps, things do happen to pools. Keep in mind that every summer is environmentally different and sometimes you will need to spend a little extra to maintain clear blue water due to pollen, dust, rain, etc. Keep on Swimming!


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