4 Ways to Make Your Spa Cover Last Longer

Believe it or not – hot tub cover maintenance is an important part of hot tub care. Just like many things in life, the amount of effort you put into it will reflect how much it gives you back. Maintaining a hot tub cover is very simple and can greatly increase its life expectancy. Nonetheless, many owners fail to take interest in their hot tub covers until it’s too late. Here are 4 easy ways to make your spa cover last longer.

Dry it out

When it’s nice outside, take the cover off your hot tub, unzip the zippers (we bet you didn’t even know they existed), and take out the inserts. Let the inserts dry out and re-wrap them with poly. Doing this occasionally will greatly decrease the chances of your hot tub cover becoming water logged and increase its life expectancy.

Keep good water balance

Seems like this is the most common piece of advice we give you in regards to hot tub care– eh? Well that’s because it’s the most important. Keeping good water balance is important for multiple different reasons. Not only is it important for your bathers, your hot tub equipment, and your dignity… if you have good water balance, it can significantly increase the life of your hot tub cover. Too much chemical residue can cause your cover to become waterlogged and smell of mildew. Get your water tested regularly to ensure your levels are in balance and prevent decreasing the life of your liner. Click here to book a water test with our experienced lab technicians today.

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Use a proper cover lifter

We’ve seen them all… from Pinterest DIY cover lifters to not even using a cover lifter. Before you start asking everyone’s favorite friend, Google, how to make your own cover lifter, understand the importance of a proper cover lifter. Cover lifters are great for many reasons… hot tub covers are HEAVY and get even heavier as time goes by and water gets absorbed into them. Cover lifters ensure easy and safe lifting of the hot tub cover. If you do not have a proper hot tub cover lifter, you can not only hurt yourself, but can end up hurting your hot tub cover. Your hot tub cover may tear easier and will significantly decrease its life. So… before you start welding those scrap pipes together, visit Aqua-Tech and discuss your hot tub cover lifter options or click here to view them on line today.


Have a winter cover

The same as you would a pool, if you are putting your hot tub to sleep for the winter, place a tarp over your hot tub and store your cover in a warm, dry place. If you leave your hot tub cover on top of the tub all winter, the weight of the good old Manitoba snow can seriously destroy your cover and cause some complications when you go to open it back up in the spring time.

Your hot tub cover plays an important role in maintaining great hot tub care. Follow these simple tips, use it, and take proper care of it! If you need a new hot tub cover for your hot tub, click here to speak with a professional today!


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