4 Ways to Keep Your Pool Area Mosquito Free

The absolute best way to avoid mosquitoes is prevention.  Try your best to find and eliminate all areas of stagnant water around your yard, as this is where they breed.  Sometimes that’s just not good enough, so here are a few tips to get rid of them…


Citronella does not kill mosquitoes but it does repel them along with other pests, minimizing the amount of mosquitoes that land nearby. Try putting citronella candles or torches around the yard, close to sitting areas.  A bonus is they smell and look nice!


Treat Stagnant Water

If you do have stagnant water in your yard (such as a pond), try either chlorinating it OR adding fish to it.  Chlorine will kill the organic matter such as larva, but if you want to go the more natural way, fish will eat it.



If you aren’t afraid of bats, mount a bat house in your yard.  They don’t bug humans at all, and can eat up to 10,000 mosquitoes in one night!

More Sun

Reduce shaded area around the yard.  You may want to trim your hedges or trees because mosquitoes are comfortable in shady areas.  More sun = more fun!

young family relaxing in swimming pool
Young Family Relaxing In Swimming Pool


Keep an adequate chlorine level in your pool.  If your chlorine level drops below one, proper sanitization isn’t taking place, therefore creating an environment that organisms (such as mosquitoes and mosquito larva) can live in.

Mosquitoes can be a bite in the butt (literally…). Follow these simple tips to minimize the amount of mosquitoes in your yard!


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