4 Tips to use less chlorine in your pool this summer

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Maintaining a perfect sanitizer level in any Manitoba pool with our crazy weather is always a challenge.  This summer that task is even more difficult with the above average daytime temps we are enjoying.

We all want to splash in water that is as natural as possible so here are 3 tips and tricks to make your chlorine as efficient as possible.

  1. Keep your filter CLEAN

Just like you would not fry up a pan of bacon and just rinse the pan with cold water before putting it back into the cupboard, we should not assume that a filter is not getting caked with oily greasy environmental contaminants that decompose and use up our sanitizer.

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  • If you have a sand filter, make sure you are chemically cleaning it with Filter Brite ( at least once a season (plus after a pollen or algae problem)
    1. Got cartridge?  TERRIFIC!  Rinse your filter once a month for worry free operation and chemically clean it (with Filter Cleanse if the filter pressure rises 8-10 lbs sooner than monthly.
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Here is some how to videos on how to clean your filter:

More questions?  EXCELLENT!  Reach out to our technical support team at for next steps.

  •  “Borates” are BEST
    In swimming pools, borates’ greatest asset is their multi-functionality. They can:
    • Improve swimmer comfort—they reduce red eye and skin irritation
    • Soften water
    • Reduce scaling
    • Improve water clarity
    • Be added easily and dissolve instantly
    • Improve oxidizer performance and longevity (typically chlorine)
    • Provide exceptional buffering capacity Borates provide both chemical and aesthetic benefits to pools as well as potentially increasing the longevity of pool vinyl / plaster and other equipment.

PLUS, unlike most other water additives, borates are permanent and do not degrade or evaporate from pool water with time. A single dose application will only need very minor top up, perhaps once a year, depending on how much has been removed by rainwater influx or back washing.

Use Optimizer ( or Performance Plus ( TODAY!

bioguard optimizer plus® (9kg) (p/n: 4010)– aqua-tech
dazzle performance plus (8 kg) water conditioner and softener (sku  daz05001) : patio, lawn & garden

  • Keep your pool blue and repeat your step 2
    Your programmed approach to water care has a ‘Step 2” – the oxidizing shock treatment that most people do weekly.  Did you know that but using the correct shock at the correct time and adding it not just weekly but also after an ‘event’ (like extreme weather or extreme usage) you will save on chlorine as well as have better water balance and a more comfortable pool?
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  • Get to know your test kit
    A clear pool is not necessarily a balanced one so make sure you are having a full water lab analysis in store at least once a month and testing your water at home with BioGuard 5-way test strips many times a week. Here is a link for them:  If you are not a fan of test strips there are other options.  The best way to use the least amount of chemicals (especially chlorine) in your pool is to test every 24-48 hours and know how to adjust.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Now, get back in the pool and have a cannonball party.  The best way to circulate your pool is to use and enjoy it!


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