4 Reasons Why Santa Loves His Hot Tub

As much as Santa (a.k.a Jolly Old Saint Nick) loves giving, he loves taking some time for himself every once in awhile – in his Sundance Hot Tub of course. Here are the top 5 reasons why Santa loves his hot tub! 

Relieves His Aches and Pains

Climbing chimneys isn’t as easy as it looks, ya know. As magical as Santa is, he gets aches and pains after a long night of delivering gifts. A quick half hour soak in his Soft Soak Trio balanced hot tub and he is good to go back to the workshop to help the elves prepare the gifts for next Christmas!

bigstock profile shot of santa claus wa 108172628



Improves Sleep

Checking that long list once and twice to find out who’s been naughty and nice is tiring, but also stressful. It sometimes leaves Santa with the dreaded insomnia. Before bed, Santa soaks in his hot tub filled with his favorite Spazazz fragrances, and no longer has any issues falling asleep!

bigstock santa claus sleeping beside ch 156033410

Helps Digest All Those Cookies

Sitting in the hot tub helps relieve the pressure of Santa’s full belly. The added circulation from soaking in the hot water also helps improve organ function, making digesting all those cookies that much easier.

bigstock smiling santa claus eating a c 77767595

He Can Enjoy it All Year Round

The best part of it all, he can enjoy it no matter how chilly it gets at the North Pole!

santa large in tub



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