Bathroom Renovations and the 4 most Common Questions about Interior Design

Bathroom Renovations, “Where do I start??” This is probably the most common question when it comes to the interior design of a Bathroom Renovation.  When a potential client comes into Aqua-Tech to discuss their Bathroom Renovation, a lot of questions are asked by the Decorator with regards to function, layout, inspiration and budget. From this point, we can begin looking at the current layout of the Bathroom and how it functions. Before you know it, the new Bathroom is starting to take shape.

Interior Design Question 2:

Another common questions would be; “Can we add a Shower to our Bathroom??”. In some cases, it’s a matter of reconfiguring the layout to accommodate the addition of a Shower. For some homes, the option of stealing space from an adjoining room is the answer. Again, the Decorator will ask a lot of questions and work with you to find a layout that suits you.

Bathroom Interior Design, another Common Issue:

“I need more storage!” is more of a statement than a question, but it’s a common request from potential clients. Planning the Bathroom Renovation is the perfect time to fit in some additional storage. It could be a new layout of the Vanity, providing drawers instead of doors with shelves or a cabinet added over the toilet. The Decorator will work with you to understand the needs of the family and find solutions for those needs. Consider meeting a designer today.

The Importance of a Designer in your new Bathroom Renovation:

“My bathroom is small, I can’t use a large tile, can I?” A common misconception in planning a Bathroom Renovation is that large format tile (ie: 12” x 24”) cannot be used in a small bathroom. In fact, the large tile looks amazing in any size bathroom. On the subject of tile, don’t be afraid to use a darker colour tile too. “Won’t the dark tile make the room feel smaller?” If there is sufficient light in your Bathroom, the dark tile won’t feel oppressive, it will feel dramatic and rich. Be sure to install dimmers for your lights while planning your Bathroom Renovation.
When you come into Aqua-Tech and meet with the Decorator, you will (hopefully) have a different perspective when you leave than when you first arrived with these and other questions weighing on you.


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