3 Winter Hot Tub Tips

What’s more relaxing than sitting in your hot tub on a starry winter night with the snow glistening around you? You look at your hot tub from a distance and can see the steam all around. Ahh yes… winter. Many people here in Winnipeg despise it but we at Aqua-Tech haven’t met a single hot tub owner that does. With the right tips and hot tub supplies, you’re bound to love your hot tub even more than you already do!  

Have the right hot tub supplies on hand at all times

Nobody wants to invest in a hot tub and end up with an ice tub. Every hot tub owner should have the following hot tub supplies and tools on hand – just in case of a spa emergency. A submersible pump to perform a quick draining, a wet dry vacuum to remove water from the shell and plumbing, 2 gallons of proper UNTOUCHED spa antifreeze to put into the hot tub circulation system in the event that an emergency winterizing need to happen, and a portable patio heater to help keep the equipment bay warm during a power outage to prevent having to drain the spa in a critical event. Remember, in the unfortunate event a “code red” takes place, call the professionals in IMMEDIATELY. Click here to book emergency spa service today.


Dress for winter

Not only should you provide extra care for your tub in the winter time but you should provide extra care for yourself. Wear boots to and from your hot tub, put on a toque, and keep warm! Frost bite is VERY common in Manitoba and it is important to dress for the weather, even though you may be keeping warm in your hot tub. Go straight to and from your hot tub without making a pit stop for snow angels on the way (it may sound silly but what isn’t after a few adult beverages?!).


Test your water regularly

Just as you would in the summer time, bring in a water sample to our amazing water lab regularly to make sure your hot tub is balanced at all times. If you don’t feel like leaving your pj’s, no problem – we will pick up a water sample from your door step and email you the results. (Or you can always stop in and show off your onesie… we won’t judge). Keep hot tub supplies on hand for those extra cold days and get into the habit of making sure your hot tub is heating and functioning properly at all times to avoid a winter freeze up. Click here to request a free water sample pick up today!

low chlorine test kit

There are many things to remember when operating a hot tub in the winter – these are just 3. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to hot tub winter maintenance, ask our professionals for advice – it’s what we’re here for! Happy hot tubbing!


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