Prolong the life of your hot tub. Schedule regular servicing by Aqua-Tech’s maintenance team.

You’ve invested in a hot tub so you can enjoy it whenever you’d like. To ensure that you’re able to do just, consider regular maintenance from Aqua-Tech. By choosing us as your maintenance provider, you’ll be able to keep your hot tub functioning more reliably and extend its life so you’ll be able to go for a soak as often as you’d like–and who wouldn’t want that?

Enjoy Your Hot Tub for Longer

Our skilled team has been installing, maintaining and providing emergency repair services to Winnipeg residents for years. When you rely on Aqua-Tech for emergency repairs, you won’t have to worry about whether the contractor you’ve chosen ever fixed a hot tubs before or understands the intricate components and plumbing. We specialize in Sundance Spas hot tubs and our service technicians regularly attend the latest training sessions. We’re able to quickly address a range of issues with your hot tub so problems with jets, filters or your electrical controls will be quickly identified and repaired.

Unique Experience with Hot Tubs


When you choose Aqua-Tech for your regular hot tub maintenance, you get the most experienced team in Winnipeg helping you ensure that throughout your ownership, your hot tub will perform like it did when it was first installed. Unlike when you choose a plumber or general contractor to complete any required upkeep, our team has considerable experience and extensive training in installing and maintaining Sundance Spas. We will help prevent problems before they require costly repairs.

Carlos, the employee that came to service our hot tub, is doing a great job. He was very professional, friendly and clean. He did the work quietly and quickly and after he left there was no sign he had even been there (other than the tub was fixed). This employee is representing your company in a wonderful way.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the benefits of a well maintained hot tub. Call our team today to schedule your regular service appointments and enjoy the feeling of an optimally performing tub, or book now!