3 Ways Robotic Pool Cleaners Can Save You Money

Robotic pool cleaners will make your life, and pool care, so much easier. Not only will you save money during the pool season but you will also save so much time. Our motto is: Spend Less, Work Less, Enjoy More! Here are 3 ways that will help you save money by using a robotic pool cleaner.

Improved Circulation

Robotic pool cleaners work as a moving pump and filter on the bottom of your pool. This allows water to circulate more and allows that water that may be stagnant at the bottom of your pool to circulate where it may have not been able to before.


Less Stress on Your Filter

The Kreepy Krauly Robotic Prowler, has its own filter media that collects the debris that falls into your pool without ever going to your main filter. This means that you will not have to clean your main filter as often and can you imagine having a whole summer without having much of the debris end up in your main filter! Sounds crazy amazing, right?! Less work = EASY pool care!

cartridge pol filter cleaning

Cleaner Pool = Less Chemicals!

Robotic pool cleaners allow for a cleaner pool, which in turn allows for more use. This not only keeps your pool healthy by swimming in it regularly but it also allows for less money spent on chemicals. A used pool is a happy pool and easy pool care means more time for swimming!!

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