3 Tips to Open up to a Clear Pool in the spring

Ahh… spring time! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and pools are opening. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of cleaning up swampy, green pool water after a long cold winter. Here are 3 tips to remember to open up to a clear pool in the spring… one less thing on your spring cleaning list!

Open Early, Close Late

As soon as the snow is melted, open up your pool! You don’t want to leave a pool sitting under a winter cover with the heat radiating and sun beaming down on it. Think of it as your gym bag sitting in a car on a hot summer day… when you open it up, it’s NOT going to be pretty. Air it out, don’t neglect it, and appreciate it. After all, summer is short and we don’t want you to waste your time cleaning up green pool water and miss out on any prime swimming days.

snow men in pool

Evaluate Your Winter Cover Prior to Closing

Did you know the number one cause of green pool water in the spring time is due to a winter cover failure? Inspect your cover before closing for any holes and tears. If you close your pool with holes in your winter cover, it will defeat the purpose of a having a winter cover altogether and you may as well not even close with one. Your cover will essentially act as a tea bag and let that entire load of winter gunk seep through into your pool… YUCK! Long story short, if you’re trying to get “one more season” out of that old, raggedy winter cover, do so at your own risk and understand that there may be consequences in the spring time.


Balance Your Pool for winter

Make sure you bring in a water sample approximately 5-7 days before your pool closing. Balance your pool to sit in the cold stagnant water for 6 months as opposed to balancing to circulate in the summer heat. Keep in mind that balancing your water for winter is entirely different than balancing your water in the summer so let our water lab assist you and make sure your water is perfect before your put your lid on for the winter… you’ll thank us in the spring! Busy shopping for school supplies, drinking your pumpkin spiced latte, or raking leaves? No problem. Click here to request a free water sample pick up today.


Pool opening season should be fun and exciting. Follow these 3 simple tips for a hassle free pool opening and cannonball your way into summer. Remember, when in doubt, send your questions to our experts and they’ll be able to help all of your pool needs! Click here to chat with an expert today.


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