3 Tips for Pool Care During the 2021 Drought in Manitoba

Owning a pool in Manitoba’s Temperatures this summer has been a real challenge.

Between smoke filled air from forest fires to the lack of predicable thunderstorms your usual pool care routine may not be enough this summer.

As your trusted pool professionals, we also know that drought can be problematic for us and our clients.  For example, unresolved equipment leaks, or pool leaks can result in high water bills and, more importantly, a reduction in precious water reserves. 

While some problems may require your professional help, below are a few things you can do to aid in keeping your pool worry-free in this challenging summer.

1.  How to Check for Leaks
Normal evaporation is one inch per week. If are unsure that you have a pool leak – do a bucket test as follows:

  • Make sure the pool is filled to proper level 3/4 up your skimmer and place a mark at your water line.
  • Fill a container with water and place it on your top or second step, level with the pool water. 
  • Mark the water level on the outside of the bucket with tape or a marker.
  • Run the system 24 hours.   
  • If the water level in the pool is lower than the bucket, they may have a leak. Normal evaporation will occur in the bucket, but it won’t lose water.  
  • If the water level in the pool dropped, make a note of how far. If it drops ½ inch or more in 24 hours, you may a leak.

Reach out to our technical support team at for next steps.


2.  Retain the Free Heat and Prevent Evaporative Heat Loss

Using a solar cover consistently is much harder on your pool chemistry than ‘going topless’ but when Mother Nature gives us free heat, we certainly want to keep it!

Did you know that using BioGuard Smart Shield ( or Natural Chemistry CoverFree ( will help keep the heat in your pool but prevent evaporation to save water, save heat and save you time and money on chemicals?

PLUS, you will probably use your pool more and certainly LOVE how it looks.

3.  Maintenance Matters

Proper pool maintenance is especially vital during high temperatures. As a service provider since 1977, we’ve seen a rainbow of colors in our clients’ pools — all of which are avoidable. Proper chemical balance is crucial to healthy water.  A clear pool is not necessarily a balanced one so make sure you are having a full water lab analysis in store at least once a month and testing your water at home with BioGuard 5-way test strips many times a week. Here is a link for them:

And don’t forget the filter. Regular filter cleans and routine backwashing are crucial as the filter grids collect pollen, dirt, and debris, and will cake to the grids over time. This leads to poor water circulation, algae, high pressure, and chemical imbalance, making pools unusable and expensive. 

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