3 Tips for minimizing swimming pool maintenance

Did you know that by using a programmed approach to pool care you can minimize the amount of work you do and greatly reduce the cost of pool ownership? Swimming pool maintenance does not have to be a chore – believe it or not but it can even be easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

The 3 legged chair of pool care: circulation, filtration and chemistry.

Pool care is like a chair that is balanced on 3 legs – if any of the legs is broken the stool falls over. That is exactly what happens to your pool when the circulation, filtration, or chemistry are not all equivalently pulling their weight. The most important thing you can do to minimize swimming pool maintenance is to ensure the pump, filter and water balance of your pool are all working together effectively. What does this mean exactly?

 Swimming pool maintenance tip 1: circulation

Make sure your pool is filled to ¾ up the skimmer opening. Make sure your wier door is operating correctly and freely. Ensure the skimmer and pump baskets are clean at all times. If your pump is more than 3 years old, make sure it is not overheating and cutting in and out. Did you know that by pointing the pool returns (jets) down to the bottom of the pool and at a 45 degree angle to move the stagnant water on the bottom of the pool that your risk for algae decreases more than 80 percent? Well, now you know!

 Swimming pool care tip 2: filtration

The filtration system of your swimming pool is the number one contributor to wasted time and money. Make sure your filter is CHEMCAILLY cleaned (with Filter Brite or Filter Cleanse) at least once per year PLUS after a pool problem like cloudy water or algae.

If you have a sand filter, ensure the pressure guage is in proper working order – they usually need replaced annually. Don’t backwash your sand filter too often – believe it or not your sand filter can pull out a smaller particle size and perform better (to a point) when the pressure rises and it is a little dirty.

If you have a cartridge filter, the pressure guage rule is the same – make sure it works. One of the greatest things about cartridge filter systems is that they are designed to be taken apart and the cartridges inspected for dirt, debris and wear. When in doubt, chemically clean them and replace the elements every 3-5 years. If your cartridges require rinsing more than once per month then you should chemically clean them. Tech tip from the pros – have 2 sets of filters and rotate them to ensure no down time while you are rinsing or cleaning your filter cartridges.

 Swimming pool care tip 3: chemistry

Water balance is the true foundation of your swimming pool care. Just like if the foundation of your house is cracked the whole house can fall down, pool chemistry is exactly the same. If your water balance is flawed then your once per week pool care may let you down. Have a professional lab analysis done monthly and follow the prescriptions. Also, follow a programmed approach to your water care – most swimming pool care systems have a once per week, every week, easy-peasey routine that keep your water safe, sparkling clean and clear!


For more information on tips for minimizing swimming pool maintenance, download our free brochure “Leave the Work to the Experts: Aqua-Tech’s Weekly Maintenance Options” or contact us with any questions.

Happy Swimming!


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