3 Labour Day Pool Party Tips

Planning the last pool party of the season for the Labour Day long weekend? Don’t stress about your water – we’ve got you covered! Follow this simple swimming pool chemical guide and your guests will be begging you to tell them where you get your water tested (we promise we won’t take all the credit… you deserve some too!)

Tip #1:  Optimizer Plus

Some people have sensitive skin and as any host would, you want your guests to feel at home and as comfortable as possible. Optimizer Plus enhances the performance of other chemicals, increases swimmer comfort by reducing eye and skin irritation, makes the water feel softer, and even makes the water clear and sparkly! Simply pour the recommended dosage of Optimizer Plus slowly into the skimmer with the pump running, let the pool circulate for at least two hours after applying, and voila… your guests won’t want to leave the pool!


Tip #2: Shock

STAND CLEAR… SHOCKING! Well, this is only necessary for 15 minutes with our BioGuard Smart Shock. Shock the pool BEFORE and AFTER the party to ensure the water stays safe, clear, and sanitized at all times. This is especially important if you’re going to have stinky teenagers in the pool. Simply throw the recommended dosage of smart shock into the pool, wait 15 minutes and happy swimming!



Tip #3: Filter Cleanse

Protecting your skin is very important when in the sun. Most guests will have sunscreen and other moisturizers on. Over time, these will build up on the filter and can cause your filter to clog up. It is a good idea to chemically clean your filters every once in awhile to ensure they filter your water properly. Filter Cleanse is an ‘eco-friendly’, one-step filter cleaner that removes the build-up of greases and oils as well as stubborn scale and rust deposits for improved filtration efficiency.


By following the simple swimming pool chemical guide, your Labour Day pool party is bound to be a success! Have fun & happy swimming!



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