How to Backwash Your Pool Sand Filter

If you recently installed a pool, moved into a house with a pool, or purchased a new sand filter… You may be wondering how to go about cleaning it. If you have a sand filter, backwashing is your best friend. 

Your pool is only as clean as your filter. The good news is, cleaning it doesn’t always have to entail taking it apart and washing every little crevice.


Why should you backwash your filter?

As pool water passes through your sand filter, the sand collects all of the dirt, oils, and other debris from your pool water. Over time as water continues to pass in the same direction, the sand will become clogged reducing your filter’s effectiveness. When you backwash, you send water BACK through the filter and it drains out the waste port, forcing all the the debris caught inside the filter to dislodge, restoring the filter’s normal functioning level.


How to backwash your filter?

  1. Turn your pump off, and turn the dial on top of your sand filter to “BACKWASH”
  2. Attach your backwash hose to the waste/drain port on your filter, and lead the hose to drain wherever you want
  3. Turn your pump back on, and let the filter perform the backwash for 3-5 minutes
  4. Turn your pump off, and turn the dial to “RINSE” it’s always important to rinse after you backwash so you don’t get extra debris pushed back into your pool
  5. Turn pump off, return the dial to “FILTER”
  6. Remove backwash hose, turn pump back on, you’re done!


Throughout the year tips:

  • If your filter pressure rises 5 lbs above your normal operating pressure, it’s time for a backwash
  • If you’ve had an issue with metals or algae, you need to chemically clean your sand so the problem doesn’t reoccur
  • If you have algae or large debris, vacuum on WASTE so it bypasses the filter
  • Use Skim Mor Socks to improve your filter effectiveness and life span


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