Save Money with a Solar Blanket

Pool Covering Facts

When the temperature is at 73-78 degrees F and you have a solar cover on your pool on average you will increase your water temperature by 3-4 degrees F. If you leave your pool uncovered at night you will lose 6-8 degrees F. Without bringing out the calculator that is a water temperature difference of 9-12 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t know about you but swimming pools are not quite as much fun when they are lake water temperature.

Solar Blanket Life

The one rub on the solar blanket is that they don’t have a particularly long life. 2-3 years is the average life. Chemicals and the sun are hard on the plastic so you do need to keep that in mind. It is best when not using your cover to keep it in the shade or use a protective sheet on it to extend it’s life.

Is it worth it?

Using a solar cover usually saves a pool owner $300-$400 per year if they have a gas pool heater. That combined with having warmer water all of the time seems to make it the logical choice. There are often sales during the summer months. Check out the cost of a blanket for your pool here. Solar Cover Sizes listing


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