When your pool is sleeping


As the saying goes: ‘ Out of sight out of mind ‘ fits right in once that winter cover goes over the pool for the winter. We all know that hockey season, dance, school and all of the other commitments of winter have plenty of demands but consider the voice of a wise old pool caretaker with a tip….

Water loss over the winter

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Often many people will not realize that their pool is leaking over the regular swimming season. With parties, rain, splash evaporation it is hard to tell. Each year hundreds of pools leak through the winter months and cause major problems for pool structures along with hefty repair bills. With a little monitoring some of this can be avoided. The best thing you can do once that pool cover is on for the winter is to monitor the pool water level over the first 3-4 weeks of it being closed. Your pool should lose zero water after the pool cover has been installed, if it does the pool is leaking. If the liner is over 7 years old it is time to come to grips that the pool liner is at the end of its life and plan for spring. What most people miss is that if a pool is leaking and loses most of its water over the winter that the sidewalls become susceptible to movement. An excellent proactive step is having the walls braced so that there is limited chance for movement over the winter and limiting the costs you will incur in the spring.


Your Pool Guy

Once it gets colder you will have no problem finding your local pool guy, if you are unsure if your pool is leaking  REACH OUT  and get an experienced set of eyes on your pool. Spring is just around the corner make sure you are ready.



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