What’s the average pool liner replacement cost?

During a site visit, the most commonly asked question from our customers tends to be ‘how much will a pool liner replacement cost?’   The answer to this question is rarely a simple one.  There are many things to be taken into consideration and reviewed before a pool liner replacement.  We have dissected every aspect and broke it down into a few categories to help you better understand everything involved to calculate the cost of a pool liner replacement.  This will help you get on the right track the right way, and the best way!

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Pool liner replacement costs…What is needed

As a pool owner, the most important question to be asking is ‘what will it take to restore my liner to the best and safest condition for a pool of this age, and ensure that no major complications arise?’  You have to remember that when renovating a structure that is 10, 20, 30 or more years old, one must always expect, or at least be prepared to expect, the unexpected.  We always tell potential customers that there is the cost of what will happen for sure (the vinyl liner itself), and then we have to consider all things that may happen.  Upon inspection, the age and condition of the structure will often give us a fairly good idea of the potential problems and additional costs that may arise.  This is why a pool side visit is crucial, and the first step towards accurately determining the pool liner replacement cost.

Concerns to be aware of that can be an extra cost

There are both primary and secondary concerns every potential customer should be aware of regardless of the age of the pool or  liner. The primary concerns are:

  • the pool floor
  • the circulation system
  • the coping
  • the pool step

The secondary concerns (not as common but equally as important) are:

  • the condition of the galvanized steel walls
  • groundwater issues

“We’ll deal with that if it comes up” or “It will probably be fine” are assurances you should only hear from a company you choose NOT to work with.  Aqua-Tech educates all of their customers before hand because every little detail affects the look, the final product, and even the final price of the renovation.

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Following a checklist is the best way to calculate a pool liner replacement cost. Work through a detailed list with your site estimator and include what is important to you and what the site expert visions as potential expenditures. Make no mistake, if the person onsite can’t relate a possible outside high number of what the project may entail, you need to look further. This should be a condition of an opportunity to earn your business.


Like with most things, you generally need to pay a premium for getting the things that you really want.  After sales service, ready to take your calls and dispatch personal 12 months of the year, has a vast knowledge base and plenty of current referrals all fall under this category.  These are usually at least a 20% premium over a commodity provider.  Do you want to pay less and have more risk or do you want to pay more and have more security?  This is something you need to ask yourself before you make a decision.  The pool liner cost will follow this pricing model.  Think ahead and plan ahead!  Aqua-Tech always enjoys meeting with pool owners and discussing options. Even if you have a wrinkle in your pool reach out to let us have a look and help you calculate your pool liner cost.










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