What will swimming pool jets look like in the future?

Things are changing rapidly in the Swimming pool industry, with technology beaming ahead at light speed the future is very bright. What is very interesting is that some traditional equipment is now being optimized and creating vastly different results. Lets have a look at 3 styles of pool jets.

The standard pool jet is for circulation of the pool.

Good circulation in a pool means no “dead” area where the water is not moving.
Algae does not like water that’s moving….think of a river compared to a stagnant lake.
If we can keep the water moving algae is less likely to take hold in the body of the pool water.



There are two theories for jet placement in the pool.

Traditionally there are two jets in opposite corners of the pool with a skimmer in the middle.
A more advance method for pool circulation is three jets below the skimmer pointing down and out.
The debris on top the water arrives in the skimmer five times as fast with this method.


The second type of jets in a pool would be “swim jets”.

Swim jets are the swimming pool jets of the future.
With backyards getting smaller and exercise becoming increasingly important these jets serve a great purpose.
It’s well know that swimming is perhaps the best exercise available….no strain on your joints while getting both an aerobic and muscular work out.
However with smaller yards a large lap pool may not be feasible.
Even if you have a large backyard you may not want to use up too much of it in water.
The swim jets can be placed at one end of the pool so you can swim in place and get all the exercise you need.
The volume of the swim jets can be controlled to suit the strength of the swimmer.

2015-07-17 00.32.48

The third type of jet would be real hydrotherapy spa jets.
With advances in steel and vinyl technology now you can have a built in spa in steel and vinyl pool.
The water is kept at pool temperature until you’re ready for the spa.
Within 20 minutes the spa water will be 103F while the pool remains at 80F.
The fun of flopping back and forth from pool to spa adds real value to your backyard resort.

2015-07-17 01.31.40
Of course all three styles of these jets can be installed in the same pool.
The jets of the future are here and taking off as people want more from their backyard investment.


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