What Salt Water Pool Supplies Do I Need?

Want great feeling water?  There are two main ways to go about this: the isotonic advantage offered by salt water pools, OR through a maintenance system that involves water softeners like Dazzle’s Pure and Simple line.  Keep reading to let Aqua-Tech help discover what salt water pool supplies you will need, and what system is best for you and your pool!

Salt water pool supplies

With a salt water pool you will need to have a salt cell generator installed and add salt to your pool water. You will also need to perform regular maintenance on the pool to oxidize out wastes and prevent algae, as well as having regular water tests done and balancing as required. The main difference between salt and fresh water pools in terms of chemicals is the fact that the salt added to the water paired with the salt cell generator essentially replaces the need for traditional chlorine sticks or pucks. Salt pools have their own unique maintenance needs. Typically salt pools must constantly lower their pH, due to high pH water being created in the salt cell through the chlorine generation process. Salt water pools also need to be mindful of scale formation within the cell and on pool surfaces. Salt cells need to be chemically cleaned each season and have a relatively short lifespan (a typical salt cell with operate for around 3 years before it needs to be replaced/repaired). Make sure you are using saltwater specific pool supplies. The Pristiva line includes a premium contaminant free salt, Primer (used monthly), and Pristiva Premium Shock (used monthly and as needed). The Pristiva line also includes a salt cell cleaner, total alkalinity and ph reducer (that is completely sulfate free – this is imperative in a slat pool) as well as a saltwater pool specific stabilizer.

Salt water pool alternative

However, if you are looking for that salt water feeling without the hassle of adding bags upon bags of salt to your pool each year and replacing your salt cell approximately every 3 years there are other options for amazing water quality and that “salt water feeling” without the challenges that salt water systems face. Dazzle’s Pure and Simple line uses traditional chlorine sticks and a weekly shock to oxidize out wastes. However, what makes Pure and Simple unique is a product called Activator. Activator is added monthly and contains water softeners which provide the feeling of salt water without the hassle. Activator also contains algaecide, phosphate removing properties, and stain and scale inhibitors. The Pure and Simple line is a complete package for amazing feeling water without the hassles and challenges of salt water pools . The process is quite simple – Activator is added in the spring (1 kg per 10 000 liters) and then you simply add Purify Sticks (a specially blended sanitizer) to your skimmer weekly and Cleanse pouches to oxidize organics to the pool water once per week. The look, feel and smell of the water are simply incredible. Click here to get even more information on this pool chemistry revolution!

If you are wondering if a salt water pool is right for you, please download our free E Book: 6 Common Salt Water Myths.


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