What Does a New Bathroom Look Like in 2019?

Bathroom design has changed! We spend a good part of our lives in our bathrooms, and they can be a place for function and beauty. Bringing elements found in other parts of our homes into bathrooms is gaining popularity!

At Aqua-Tech we have a new range of products that do just that. Newly introduced is our Stonewood vanity collection, solid wire brushed woods with multi step finishes. These products give the look of furniture you would see in our living/dining spaces and create an upscale feel and add textures not typically found in the bathrooms of yesterday. You will find that quality is our first priority! You will not have to sacrifice form or function.

Ask yourself what rooms do you love in your home? 2019 is a new dawn in bathroom design and we are sure that we can help put your bathroom at the top of that list.

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Come into our well curated showroom and ask us how to help you give your bathroom a fresh start!



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