What are Plunge, Dipping, and Cocktail pools?

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Do you dream of owning a gorgeous pool, but think that your yard is too small or too narrow? In decades past, that might have been an obstacle — but thanks to modern construction methods, it’s now possible to install dazzling pools in compact yards! Three of the most popular designs are often used interchangeably, and are known as “plunge pools,” “dipping pools” and “cocktail pools.” These pools are often better used for soaking up the sun rather than for any diving or laps, and each pool type has its own unique features that we’ll explore and compare throughout this article.

There’s lots of information to cover, so — no pun intended — let’s plunge right in!

What Are Plunge Pools?

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Plunge pools are small, space-saving pools that typically measure 8 or 12 feet wide and anywhere from 12 to 24 feet long. They can be made from materials like concrete, or vinyl and are installed as inground pools.

Plunge pools are also great for full-body submersion and water aerobics, especially if the pool is equipped with jets.

Best for: Exercising, 8-12 x 12-24 ft, 4-8 ft depth

What is a Dipping Pool?

What does dipping pool mean? The terms “dipping pool” and “plunge pool” are often used interchangeably, which is slightly inaccurate. While both are compact pools ideal for small spaces, dipping pools tend to be shallower and may be heated, whereas plunge pools are generally unheated and contain deeper water. Due to their shallow depth, dipping pools are inappropriate for diving and are best suited to gentle activities like wading, cooling off, tanning, and relaxing.

Best for: Wading, 8-12 ft x 12-24 ft, 4-6 ft depth

What is a Cocktail Pool?

A cocktail pool combines the refreshment of a classic pool with the luxury of a spa, offering you the best of both worlds for a truly indulgent outdoor experience. These pools can be equipped with heated jets and comfortable bench seating, and are perfect for sipping a drink with your friends and neighbors. However, they are normally filled to a shallower depth than plunge pools, making them less than ideal for exercise.

Best for: Lounging, 8-12 x 12-24 ft, 4-6 ft depth, often include bench seating

What is a spool pool?

You may see cocktail pools referred to as “spools,” which is simply a combination of the words “spa” and “pool.” Whether you prefer to call them spools or cocktail pools, these small pools can add big value to your home — not to mention provide hours of entertainment for your friends and family.

When it comes to swimming pools, bigger doesn’t always mean better. On the contrary, there are many smart reasons to consider a plunge, dipping, or cocktail pool over a full-size model.

Here are a few of the advantages that small pools have to offer:

  • Small pools do not cost as much to construct or maintain as their full-sized counterparts 
  • Since small pools do not require as much power or need as many cleaning chemicals, they are better for the environment 
  • Smaller pools are easier to maintain and look after than large pools 
  • Plunge pools can fit on small lawns that won’t accommodate full-size pools 
  • Perfect for aquatic therapy or lounging and relaxing 
  • Wide range of style and design options makes them highly customizable 
  • Leave more room for other lawn features like gardens, porches, and gazebos

From being easier to care for than full-size pools, to their tremendous range of custom design options and their compact dimensions that are ideal for small yards, plunge pools can offer a long list of benefits. Whether you’re focused on saving space, saving money or saving the environment, a small pool can help you achieve all three goals.

Thinking a Plunge Pool is Right For You?

Think a small pool or spool might make a great addition to your lawn? Learn more about cocktail pools, dipping pools and plunge pools for small yards. Explore the features and learn more about the specifications of smaller pools by contacting us today!

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