Don’t spend more than a few minutes a week ensuring your hot tub water stays balanced. Find out how from Aqua-Tech!

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You wanted a hot tub to have a dedicated place to relax. Don’t let the maintenance cause you stress. When your hot tub chemicals come from Aqua-Tech’s range of exclusive high-quality products, they’re all you need to keep your hot tub water balanced and comfortable—in just a few minutes each week.

Programmed Approach to Hot Tub Care

Our experienced team will help you identify the perfect combination of products and the optimal water care regime through our programmed approach to water care. Simply visit our showroom with a water sample from your hot tub, and we’ll take care of the rest. It can take as little as 15 minutes for our experts to help you correct any problems you might be facing, design your easy to follow weekly routine, and highlight the products that you’ll need to enjoy beautiful water all year long.

We really enjoy our spa and have been using it almost every day. The staff at Aqua-Tech have been very helpful in ensuring we have the right chemicals and answering any questions we may have.

Reduce Operation Costs

Aqua-Tech’s range of products includes the highest quality options on the market with many exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else in Winnipeg. While you might find the cost of a season of products could be higher than when you purchase from non-specialist suppliers. However, you’ll save a substantial amount over time simply by preventing the all too common mechanical or chemistry challenges that stop you from enjoying your tub for days or weeks at a time and cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

Don’t spend more time than you have to! When you’re ready to enjoy being in your hot tub and stop worrying about ‘chemical soup’ visit our showroom or shop now!