TRIO Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

Trio is all about the magic of 3 

  • 3 months of natural hot tub water care;
  • 3 amazing softeners built right in for the best water quality with the least cost and complexity
  • 3 benefits to you- simple, soft and safe

So, lets break it down a little…

soft soak trio


  • At fresh fill, or every 3 months, add TRIO Enhanced Water Softener (#1 pouch).
  • Next, add 1 packet of TRIO Softener & Clarifier (#2 pouch).
  • Bring in a sample to Aqua-Tech to test and properly balance the water. This includes balancing the Total Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium Hardness.
  • Add your sanitizer – 4 tablespoons of Soft Soak Bromine Granules or Chlorine Granules per 800 liters of water (as well as bromine tabs or chlorine tabs).
    • Tablets help maintain the sanitizer level in the water
    • Granules give you an instant boost and help the tablets keep the sanitizer between 3-5 ppm.
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  • Test bromine/chlorine levels and adjust tablet dose.
  • Add 1 packet of TRIO Weekly Softener & Clarifier (#2 pouch) with the pump running and the cover off for at least 15 minutes!
  • Rinse pleated filter or replace MicroClean filter if needed.
  • Test and adjust Total Alkalinity and pH if needed.
    • PRO TIP: don’t have time for this step? Bring in a sample to Aqua-Tech for a professional water analysis and we’ll do the work for you!
hot tub soft soak trio kit two 2


  • Test bromine/chlorine levels, if low (less than 3 ppm) add 2 teaspoons of SOFT SOAK Brominating Granules/Chlorinating Granules per 1500 liters of water, wait 15 minutes, then use the spa.
  • PRO TIP: After a spa party, add SOFT SOAK Granules as well, this will remove any organics and prevent the sanitizer from dropping below 3-5 ppm.


  • Before draining & refilling spa – remove filter and clean using SpaGuard Filter Brite.
  • Add TRIO Restoring Spa Cleanser (#3 pouch) with pump on. Circulate water for 15 minutes. Shut pump off and completely drain water according to manufacturers recommendations.
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  • Since our winters are long and cold, we cannot drain and refill every 3 months during this time.
  • Drain and refill at the last possible moment in the fall where temps will allow you to (usually late October early November).
  • Start your first TRIO 3-Month Kit as usual.
  • When all weekly pouches have been used up in the first 3 months of winter, DO NOT put TRIO Restoring Spa Cleanser in yet, put it to the side on a shelf, this pouch is ONLY for when draining.
  • Start your 2nd TRIO 3-Month Kit (#1 pouch and #2 pouch) and do another 3 months of Trio care.
  • At the end of 6 months in the Spring when the weather allows, we will drain the spa using BOTH of the Trio Restoring Spa Cleanser’s (#3 pouch) and start fresh for Spring!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the water lab at

If you would like to purchase TRIO today, the link is listed below…

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