Top Three Considerations when choosing your Patio Furniture & Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor patio furniture and outdoor accessories are critical to the enjoyment of your personal backyard space. It is often one of the focal points of the backyard and the central meeting point.


Quality and cost

There is a huge range in cost and quality of outdoor patio furniture. There are 3 main reasons for the difference in cost. One is the sheer weight of the product. When you pick up the less expensive chair you can tell it would blow away in the first wind. The lighter materials cost less but show their age quickly and are likely to have a 2-5 year life. Secondly the materials used effect the cost and quality. Good quality wicker and fabric is resistant to the sun and lasts 10 times as long as inferior product. Also the higher quality material uses the best aluminum metal vs steel that will rust or bend. The third reason is the design…is it comfortable and was it designed by a professional designer? An outdoor patio set with great quality and design can cost more than in indoor set because the materials have t withstand outdoor conditions. However if you consider this investment grade furniture will last 25 years or more your cost per year is much less than the throw/blow away version.


Uses..Dining, chatting, lounging and entertaining.

Consider what you want out of the space and how much space that will require. A common mistake is to build a patio that is not large enough as chairs and loungers take up a fair bit of space. A visit to our showroom with a tape measure can help you plan properly. We can also have one of our outdoor designers help you and we can have our construction department build the patio if you wish. If your use requirements include all of the above then we have on display for you the fire pit tables, dining sets, lounge chairs, day beds and outdoor kitchens.


Shade required?

Shade can be from umbrellas , trees, pergolas or canopies. If your yard faces south or west you will need some sort of shade if you plan to spend any time enjoying your backyard. If an umbrella is your choice you can choose one that rotates to follow the sun.


My south backyard has a Treasure Garden model which gets used almost every summer day. If you’re just planning your yard then a well designed tree location and species can be very effective. It won’t blow over in heavy winds like an umbrella might. Aqua-tech can provide the full landscape design service if that is the stage you’re at with your backyard. Pergolas are effective if you have a windy backyard and they can act as an architectural feature of the backyard. They now come in composite materials so there is no maintenance so they are worthy of consideration. Day beds can also come with canopies for shade. This particular model rotates so as the sun moves you’re still covered!


If you take the time to plan your space and invest in a great environment you will get years of enjoyment for your efforts. We would love to help and have a great showroom to get you started. Contact us today to set up your free consult with one of our professional backyard designers!


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