Top 5 Yoga Poses for your Spa, Hot Tub and Swim Spa

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, mobility and strength. Combining yoga and your spa, hot tub or swim spa is an excellent way to exercise. Please remember to warm up your muscles before exercising. A great warm up is flutter kicks, running on the spot, and light stretching.

Here are 5 Yoga Poses you can try:

1. The Wave Pose

  • Stand in the middle of your spa, hot tub, or swim spa with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Reach your right arm into the air, and slightly stretch it over your head as you extend your hip in the opposite direction.
  • Hold the position
  • Once complete, repeat the move on the other side.
image 3
The Wave Pose

2. The Half Boat Pose

  • Sit comfortably on the edge of one of the hot tub, spa or swim spa seats
  • Use your hands for balance by holding onto the seat
  • Slightly bend your legs and lift them as high as you comfortably can, while still submerged in the water
  • Slowly move your hands upwards and place them on your legs, for as long as your body is still comfortably stable
image 4
The Half Boat Pose

3. The Half Moon Pose

  • Stand in the middle of your hot tub and place both hands on the small of your back
  • Arch your back creating a C shape while focusing on pushing out your chest
  • As you reach a comfortable arch, try to touch your elbows together to really feel the pose
image 5
The Half Moon Pose

4. The Tree Pose

  • Begin by standing in the center of your hot tub
  • Raise both of your hands above your head and touch your palms together
  • Lift your left leg and place the bottom of your foot on the inside of your right thigh with your toes pointing towards the bottom of the hot tub, spa, or swim spa
  • Hold this position
  • Lower your left leg and repeat by raising your right leg
image 6
The Tree Pose

5. The Cold Feet Pose

  • Stand in the center of your hot tub
  • Lift your left leg and grab your toes with your left hand
  • Extend your left leg out of the water while holding your foot
  • Turn your head to the right and breath deeply with your right arm of your right hip
  • Lower your left leg and repeat on the other side
image 7
The Cold Feet Pose


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