Top 5 things to know about buying a used spa

Most consumers are aware of the dangers of buying anything used. Hot tubs that are used come with similar caveats that one should be aware of. We have compiled a list of the top 5 things to be aware of before you buy a used spa.

Check out the brand name of the spa you are considering

Google is one method but take it one step further and see if the brand name is currently sold and serviced by a local retailer. A spa without parts availability and local service might be rendered useless in short order if you can’t fix future requirements. Many spa retailers will only take trade ins on the brand they sell which allows them to properly service the product in the future. Prompt service might be critical when the Winnipeg winter takes effect.

Some of the used spas at Aqua-Tech

Check out the local retail spa stores

You can see what the local dealer has for used and the price of a new spa. Keep in mind the new ones come with a warranty and may very well be better value. The used spa from a local dealer might come with a 30 day warranty which is definitely worth some peace of mind.


Delivery and set up is the third consideration

Moving a spa is like moving a piano with the weight of the spa often near 1,000 lbs. The used spa may be sold whereby you have to pick it up and have it removed from the existing deck. Most spa retailers will have the necessary moving equipment to safely move the spa. You may or may not want this responsibility?…

A specialized spa dolly and wagon for moving spas

Consider the age of the used spa

Brand name spas such as Sundance, Jacuzzi or Hotsprings will likely give you a 15 year life and more. During their life there will be some servicing and maintenance of course. There are some good brands that will give you a 10 year life and some not so good brands that will be less than 5 years. If the spa is 5 years old and is one of these brands it may not be worth considering.

What features do you want with your spa?

When you check out the new models you will see what is available on the current models. From there you can determine if the used spa has the features you want. There has been significant advances in spa water sanitation and jet massage in the last 5 years. Take this into consideration so you make the right choice for your needs.


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Happy Hot tub prospecting!


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